3 Doors Down - Landing in London

         Em      Em         G     G
 I woke up today in London 
 Am            Am           Em  Em
 As the plane was touchin' down 
 Em          Em              G     G
 All I could think about was Monday 
 Am         Am         Em    Em
 And maybe I'd be back around 
Pre-Chorus 1:  
 Em            Em           С    С
 If this keeps me away much longer 
 D             D            Em  Em
 I don't know what I would do 
 Em                Em           С    С
 You've got to understand it's a hard life 
 D               D    Em   Em
 That I'm goin' through 
Chorus 1:  
 Em                  Em        C    C
 And when the night falls in around me 
 Am                  Am         Em   Em
 And I don't think I'll make it through 
 Em                  Em        C    C
 I'll use your light to guide the way 
 D                   D         Em  Em
 'Cause all I think about is you 
Verse 2: 
Well LA's gettin' kinda crazy 
And New York's gettin' kinda cold 
I'll keep my head from getting lazy 
I just can't wait to get back home  
Pre-Chorus 2:  
All these days I've spent apart 
I'll make up for them I swear 
I need your love to hold me up 
When it's all too much to bear

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